Dressing for Confidence

How an outfit can influence your state of mind, and the secret to dressing for confidence.

Wearing: Racerback topNude Lucy | Wrap SkirtAsilio | Watch – Cluse Watches | MulesSenso | PS11 Mini Classic Bag – Proenza Schouler

As much as I love the philosophy that beauty and confidence should come wholly from within, it’s generally understood that how we dress does have a profound effect on our state of mind. In fact, there was a study a few years ago, which showed that subjects performed better on attention-related tasks after putting on a lap coat. While this study didn’t extend to everyday clothing, it did go someway to legitimising the often satirised rhetoric among ‘fashion people’, that changing one’s outfit can instantly boost one’s confidence. I mean, if Cinderella could rock up to a snooty party and dance with the prince, perhaps there is a secret to dressing for confidence (the veritable fairy-godmother-effect) for us all.

If there is such a secret, it’s probably not as simple as getting a hold of the most coveted designer pieces, or being the first to wear the latest trends – though these do have a certain magpie-esque appeal. If it’s truly sustainable confidence you are looking for, then my money is on the formula of defining one’s style, plus, dressing comfortably, multiplied by, wearing what you love.

As for me, dressing for confidence means running my outfits passed the ‘can I cartwheel in them?’ test. Well maybe that’s going a little far, but I trust you get the idea. In this case, it’s a wrap skirt that exudes feminine sexy-cool, and lets you move (and even run, if you wanted) at the same time, the dressed up basic racer-back top that takes you from the couch to the street, and block heeled mules that makes a statement without putting your feet in a world of pain.

What does dressing for confidence mean to you?

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