Dressing Up Jeans

Dresses over trousers can be a bit of a Marmite look, you either do or you don’t, there’s no in-between. As you can tell from the above, I’m in. I was looking for the chance to wear this lovely Marina London silk dress again but with it being scorching some days and chilly others, it’s been hard to work out when but then these gorgeous wide-leg jeans arrived from ME+EM I saw it as an opportunity to give this particular layered look a go.

The beautiful dress had sadly been hanging waiting for attention for a few months, as some mysterious grease marks had appeared on one side and I thought it was a gonna. I was ready to give up on it (as gutted as I was) but then had one last go at getting rid of the marks. I’d tried corn flour, greaseproof paper and an iron but to no avail; my last resort was washing-up liquid. I found an article via Google that suggested leaving the area soaked in washing-up liquid for 3 hours. Now, I’m not suggesting everyone tries this (and I’m sure Marina won’t be too impressed) but I was willing to try anything to revive it. I admit the silk doesn’t have the same beautiful finish it had the day I got it but it is wearable once more.

If you haven’t come across Marina London before, you’re in for a treat! Marina’s beautiful aesthetic always inspires me. She works just with silk producing stunning wardrobe essentials you’ll become obsessed with. I have four of her designs in my wardrobe and I love every piece.

I’m wearing:
Marina London Dree Dress in Navy (or Red) | ME+EM Wide Leg Crop Pocket Jeans in Off-White* | Adidas Originals Court Vantage in White | Danielle Foster Charlie Box Bag in MirrorLines & Current Henning Sunglasses in Black* | Merci Maman Personalised Flat Bangle in Gold* Larsson & Jennings Lugano Watch*

Photography by Fiona Jane from Spotding

*given to me to review and featured because I love it!

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