Dual Citizen

Like most people, I always catch myself saying, ‘if only I had more time on my hands’.  In the holistic sense of the meaning, this kind of challenge would only be counteracted by cutting back on the amount of hours I work, which would not seem like a practical solution, or let’s be honest a fun one. Alas if we’re talking literally then I think that I may have found the solution, and it couldn’t have come at a better ‘time’ .. pardon the pun.

I’ve long been a girl that loves a good watch, any excuse for me to strap a shiny functional jewellery item to my wrist, and I’m well on my way to working an extra angle to accessorise, aaaand BTW I’ll also be miraculously on time.

As you can see, a watch for the modern girl isn’t just about magnificent craftsmanship and excellent timekeeping capabilities, but as something that you wear each and everyday it  can also be an expression of who we are, and in this case how we paint the picture of ourselves. For me, there’s always been a little bit of magic in seeing a side of people that they don’t often share, or discovering the other side of something that you thought you knew well.

Which is why it must have been meant to be when the team at Jaeger-LeCoultre invited me to join them in Venice, a city which is the perfect destination for a life long lover of art, and perfectly appeases the dual elements that I love the most, art & travel.. say no more.  With the iconic Reverso One Duetto timepiece as inspiration, a watch most known for it’s savvy ability to show two different faces, this was a match made in creative heaven.  To be able to tell a story with the one watch that has dual personalities, allowing the wearer to reinvent themselves depending on one’s mood.

Fortunately in the city of art it’s easy for an artist to show her true side, and so with an easel and brush in tow, I set out on a little journey to discover the ancient squares, crumbling facades and hidden treasures that Venice usually likes to keep up her elegantly rolled sleeves.  A visual story about a timely fashion icon who succeeds in bringing out the best side of those who wear it, and FYI it’s never been easier to choose sides .. x

photography: Michael Antuar 

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