Ear Party Of Two

One of the few stores I did enter last week in Amsterdam was Anna + Nina. I had read about the store a few times online and was curious to check it out. Knowing that they have a selection of dainty jewellery (amongst lots of great home decor pieces, lingerie and other knick-knacks), I was determined to find some new earrings.

After wearing two identical studs in each ear for the past 1,5 years or so, I really wanted to change things up a bit. I always find it hard to find tiny earrings – the kind that really ‘wraps’ around your lobe – and even though the store didn’t seem to have them that small, I liked the look of the ones I got a lot. Still simple, but a little more playful than the standard version. I pair them with the gorgeous Ivy & Liv studs I got for Christmas. The combination is a lot less minimal than just wearing two studs and it adds the right amount of detail & edge. In the summer I wear even less jewellery than normal, but the items that I do wear always (subtly) stand out in one way or another. Do you switch up your daily jewellery in the summer?