Posted on: 07/28/2016 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

Yesterday morning (or maybe it was Tuesday?) I found photos of this new restaurant and was excited to get them posted immediately but Elin hasn’t been sleeping well and even though I put this pressure on myself to try to get things posted as soon as possible life happens and that’s real life.
So you’re seeing this late today instead because I had to put her back to sleep last night, twice, only to have her wake up 6 more times before this morning. Then I went to my gym class, back home to shower and feed the kids, put Elin down for her nap then pick up after lunch…here we are now in the late afternoon trying to finish what I started yesterday!

Back to Lou Lou whose interior was designed by the fab Space Copenhagen (who also worked on Musling).
I love the art deco style mirror panels!