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I don’t remember the first time I discovered Etsy or the first time I started wearing vintage, but I’m guessing I’ve been a fan since my early university days. I was living in Turkey and it was hard to get everything shipped there but I still couldn’t stop myself from spending hours and hours on Etsy just looking for new shops and unique pieces. It was a whole new world to me and still to this day, the beauty of vintage never ceases to amaze me.

To know that you are not harming the environment while shopping, on top of the feeling of owning a one of a kind item is unparalleled. Anyone can spend tons of money and go to a store to buy season’s hit pieces but only people with a true eye for style can know how to pick quality vintage pieces. Though with the expanding universe that is the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the best stores and spend the time to pick the worthy pieces.

I didn’t want all my years of Etsy surfing and vintage shopping to be all for nothing (or all for me) so here’s my favorite 10 Etsy vintage fashion shops and my 5 picks from each one. Do yourself and the earth a favor and buy more vintage, it feels so good!


I’m giving first credit to Persephone because this shop is one of the reasons I got into vintage shopping, or got into Etsy for that matter. They were small, now they are one of the most famous vintage shops in the world but my love for them never lessened, if not got more and more crazy every day. You can find unique, elevated “modern vintage” pieces in their meticulously curated shop, and make sure to check often & follow them on Instagram.


Cluebelle offers a selection of curated vintage clothing and accessories from Victorian through 1990’s and frequently stock pieces by Yves Saint Laurent, Comme des Garcons, Christian Dior, Jaeger, Alaia, Lanvin, Bonnie Cashin,, Givenchy, Sonia Rykiel, Norma Kamali, Pringle of Scotland, Gucci and more. Always inspiring styling & photography is also a major +++


The aesthetics of VAUX are clean, minimal, and practical, creating an atmosphere that incorporates old and new in a very livable way. Carefully selected pieces are sensible and accessible so they can be incorporated into your every-day life easily.


The Georgia based vintage shop is a great source for elevated basics such as oversized coats & trenches, but what makes them special is more than the clothes they sell. This openly LGBT owned business is proudly a feminist one who stands in favor and full support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Immigrants’ rights, religious freedom, and climate change awareness.


Brooklyn based Maeven is owned by a painter, and you can see this artsy side all around the shop from pieces to photos. An Edwardian lace dress? You can find it here. A whimsical Comme des Garcons top? Also available.


Soo Last Season doesn’t always sell vintage (some items are only a couple years old) but what they always do sell are unique, avant-garde, high-end designer pieces that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. Get your wallet ready for this one.


This shop describes itself as “Modern Day Vintage and Accessories for the gal who loves to play, mix, and set her own style!” Anything you saw on someone and looking for a cheaper version, you can find it here. Besides they are from California, so, enough said.


Nothing in this shop is too over the top, but nothing is bland either. You can see yourself wearing every piece (and getting some compliments all the while). Especially the bags are worth a look.


Wear it Well is a wonderful destination not just for apparel & accessories, but also for small home goods. It’s updated frequently.


Contemporary and minimal vintage clothing sourced and curated in Toronto.