Posted on: 02/01/2018 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

This was only hours away from being a last ditch effort at a “January cravings” and yet the whole first month of the year went by without sharing a wishlist. How is January even over? How is 2017 even over? It will never cease to boggle my mind how time goes by so quickly.

The monthly wishlist is not meant to make you feel like you need to run out and buy new stuff, or that even I need these things now. One of the reasons I share my wish lists is to sort of get these cravings out of my mind and onto the internet. There’s a sort of release in doing so and the temptation to acquire these shiny new things is tempered a bit. It’s also a way to sharing what I’m into now, sort of like a style forecast but not exactly.

That said, I’d love for our to share what you’d like to see more of on the blog. Feel free to comment below or just send me an email! For now here are a few of the things I’ve been eyeing, appreciating and even craving for myself and for home.

1/ Hooks for my bedroom for light jackets and robes, these brass ones from Skultuna are classic and timeless.
2./ I’m just about 98% done with my favorite Aesop face cream so I’ll need to find something else soon, I’ve heard good things about the Nars skincare line!
3/ Spring will be here soon and I’m going to want to plant some small pots for my patio and these minimal pots from Ferm are a top choice.
4/ Speaking of plant pots and Ferm Living…another great option called Bau Pot and a new design from the Danish brand, these with small “legs” to elevate them from the ground. Possibly this is for drainage purposes or just for aesthetics, I like the ribbed texture on the outside.
5/ This small TriAngle table by Aldo Bakker from Karakter is one I saw months ago in an issue of RUM magazine and the shape has just stuck with me. I’d love to use this as a beside table or alone somewhat with nothing on it, because the shape is so beautiful the piece can hold its own with accessories.
6/ A large vase for inside the house is on my list and this one from Muubs has such a nice fat, curvy shape and imperfect texture.
7/ The “it” ugly shoes are these Nike Air Huaraches and at first they seemed kind of bulky and repulsive but they’re seriously growing on me. Anyone else?