Floating On A Cloud

The 1st of October 2017 for me was not just any old birthday, it was also the day that I was honoured with the privilege of attending my first Céline show inside of the cloud like bubble installed at the Tennis Club of Paris.

Late 70’s and early 80’s references featured strongly throughout the show, hitting a nostalgic nerve for this once bubble-skirt wearing (notice a theme here?) lovechild of the 80’s.

Fast forward to the most recent Paris Fashion Week and having the opportunity to wear my favourite look from that Spring 2018 Ready To Wear show that I sat so reverently though, and my love of Céline and the more flattering side of the 80’s couldn’t be stronger .. cue appropriately titled David Bowie “Modern Love”.

The thing is that throughout time Céline as a brand has notably always and continue to take on the responsibility of making modern women feel effortlessly chic., a feeling you might say is akin to pardon the pun .. floating on a cloud .. x

Suit Cropped Jacket: Celine  .  Trousers: Celine  .  Lace Detail Shirt  .  Belt: Celine  .  PVC Bag: Celine  .  Maroon Mini Clasp Bag: Celine  .  Shoes: Celine

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