Frama Studio Store

There were so many amazing places I wanted to visit when I was in Copenhagen; and high on my list was the Frama Studio Store. As the name suggests, it is a studio-cum-store, a space for Frama to showcase and sell all their wonderful designs. It’s such a beautiful space, very calming, and filled with designs I would love to see in my own home. Brittany, Hannah and I arrived in the rain and were immediately invited to sit down for a coffee and a chat with Johanne from Frama; it was super relaxed, as I’ve come to realise is the norm everywhere but London.

The 250m2 space was at one time St. Pauls Apotek (an apothecary), then in 2013 it was sympathetically renovated by Frama. It now blends old with new in an unexpected way. I’m all for mixing classic with contemporary design, as it brings character and depth to the clean modern design that I love but it takes a lot of practise to make it work this seamlessly. As you enter the space you’re greeted with the original pharmaceutical cabinets that line two full walls. The rooms are light and airy, and there’s this feeling that you’re walking through someone’s home, only they keep it as perfectly ordered and curated as a gallery. I found each room so inspirational and came away with a long wish list for our home.

Frama Studio Store, Fredericiagade 57, 1310 Copenhagen

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