Frayed Hem Denim

Denim is such a staple in so many wardrobes these days and we always seem to be looking for a new design interpretation. In the last few years we’ve seen the popular style go from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans to mum/mom jeans to flared jeans to straight-leg jeans (my current favourite). Whereas once, one single cut dominated the trends, I now see all these various cuts available and on all sorts of people.

There is one trend in denim that has become more popular recently, the frayed hem or raw hem. My favourite take on this trend is the stepped frayed hem, shorter at the front, longer at the back, and not perfectly measured either. Lots of denim brands have taken note and are selling pre-frayed hem jeans but if you have a favourite pair and want to give them an update I would suggest a little DIY, there are so many tutorials out there that can point you in the right direction. I really like the contrast of a perfect undistressed pair of jeans with a frayed hem, it can look a bit much when the knees are distressed too.

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