Gabriella Crespi

At first glance the work of Gabriella Crespi could by mistaken for fine art sculptures worthy of display in some of the worlds most celebrated modern art galleries .. and ahhhh my front entrance if it were only big enough .. however Ms Crespi’s work dates back to the 70’s where she notoriously designer her signature metallic brassy pieces for some of the worlds fashion elite.  Now in here mid 90’s Gabriella Crispi’s work is not only timeless but extremely valuable .. fancy dropping a meagre $150K on a polished brass coffee table .. that could certainly buy you a LOT of Céline no?

Never-the-less we’re all drooling over the magnificent lines and clever balance of practicality verse creativity in Gabriella’s work, and who knows .. maybe one day we can dream of owning one of these magnificent pieces.. although it may mean cutting back on those late night online Net-A-Porter sale binges ..

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