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Note to self:  Everything goes with Chanel.

When Mr Lagerfeld, the 30yr strong brand architect of the Chanel juggernaut launched the Chanel ‘Gabrielle’ Bag via the Spring Summer 2017 Ready To Wear runway show, there were gasps from the audience.  Gasps because the world has been waiting since Spring 2012 for the fashion house to release a new major handbag line, gasps because it was a named after Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel herself, and lastly because it embodied so much about the style icon we all adore, combining beauty and practicality with strength and elegance.  Say no more, we’re sold!

Last week I took the lid off a big black box, unwrapped the crisp paper within and with short sharp breaths of anticipation unfolded the dust cover surrounding my very own piece of personal Chanel history.

What does one do when they unwrap a Chanel ‘Gabrielle’ Bag? Do they A: Sit it upon their dresser pledging to never take it outside let alone place it underneath their chair where it may touch the unholy ground below?  B: Keep it boxed up for a special occasion, where once a year she (Gabrielle that is) see’s the light of day, only to be rewrapped for her next annual debut? Or C: Embrace the character of Gabrielle herself, boldly stepping out onto the crowded streets of her neighbourhood ready for another busy day.

The answer my friends is clear… Option C.  From dusk until dawn and from t-shirt to tailored ‘Gabrielle‘ has become my new side-kick and is worth every minute of anticipation.

Additional note to self:  Everything goes with Chanel… Denim and off-duty vibes included.

– Also featuring earrings from the Chanel Métiers d’Art 2016/17 Paris Cosmopolite collection.

photography: Emily Delphine 

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