Game of Tones


With all the Game Of Thrones hype over the past few months, it’s no wonder it’s been a hot topic of conversation in our office (don’t worry, I promise there will be no spoilers in this post). However, also high on our discussion agenda has been a variation on the theme, that of the ‘Game Of Tones’ – Beige blazers, creamy high-waisted trousers and accessories that fall into the muted colour palette having been piling up in our shopping baskets as fast as you can see ‘Dracarys’.
But with all good trends, there needs to be an evolution or a changing of the queen’s guard if you will.  It won’t be easy for us to give away our obsession with the caramel-y colour palette and we won’t be moving on completely any time soon, but muted greens are our new queen.  On our current agenda is the need for mossy greens, soft khaki’s and pastel pistachios, the perfect segway from taupe tones to sage taking the thrown.
Consider integrating muted greens into your favourite neutral look with an accent handbag or statement heel.  The modern minimalist matches shades in all kinds of subtle to achieve a sleek and polished look, just a little hint I picked up from one of my favourites reads via
So there you have it friends, get ready to bend the knee to our new favourite colour palette… The season is tonal and full of purchases xx
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