Hello, hello and welcome back! First of all I would love to let you know that there’s a G I V E A W A Y going on starting today and it will last for a week! Make sure you visit my instagram account [@sanssouci.a] to participate for a chance to win a beautiful LORDTIMEPIECES watch!




I would like to thank you all for supporting me and my work, and mostly those who took the time to share with me their admiration for what I produce, mentioning the fact that I stopped posting! I can’t begin to describe how moving the fact that some people are truly following me was, and that they noticed!

Regarding the break I took, it was a difficult decision but I realised that I can’t work on a hundred different projects all at once, both personal and academic, therefore I set some priorities and university came first, in order to focus on my blog later on! The fact is that I will be loyal to SANSSOUCI after September, so just bear with me for a while :*

Another thing that I realised is how important a professional creative team is; something that I don’t have at this point. SANSSOUCI is an experiment, and it is a field that helped me realised so much about myself, people and work. I’ve got plans which I hope I will be able to work on in a year leading to something completely different.

I know most of the times my writing is vague and that I don’t reveal personal details and everyday facts, so that you can relate and interact with me as an audience, however I strongly encourage everyone to read me, my images and my words as they please, and force you to make whatever you want and whatever comes naturally out of it!

Find the G I V E A W A Y here:  @sanssouci.a




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