Gold Dust

With the temperatures rising in the Southern Hemisphere and our need for keeping things ‘cool’, it’s all about reworking your casual wardrobe basics and updating the vibe for 2016.  Take your que from models off duty, like our friend here Talia and mix your boyfriends shirt with a vintage scarf a sentimental delicate gold jewellery.  Lightweight fabrics with just the right mix of textures are key.. oh yeah and a little bit of skin doesn’t hurt either ..

photography: Nat Lanyon  .  styling: Amanda Shadforth  .  model: Talia Richman  .  a special thank you to Ruby Power

white shirt: Vince  .  black trousers: Sportmax  .  white knit top: Maurie & Eve  .  white trousers: Dion Lee Line 11  .   Scarf: Balenciaga  .  white bandana: Asos  .  jewellery: Talia’s own

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