Golden Age of Blue Jean

Many things are having the time of their lives right now; Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Trump, founders of Snapchat but nothing quite compares to the golden age of blue jean. After years of living under skinny jean captivity, the legs are finally free like old times and having more fun with the cuffs than ever. It’s all thanks to classic Levi’s 501’s that we have the shape in many variations today but it’s the Vetements pair that’s sold out everywhere and has already became a status symbol is what turned things serious. Of course not everyone can buy that pair (actually almost no one can buy that pair) but there are so many great jeans on sale right now, it’s hard to be sad about not being able to buy the most expensive one.

sources: the impression, harper’s bazaar, collage vintage, style du monde, a love is blind, wwd, brooke testoni, shit and chanel