Head Start

Why hey there and happy New Year!  How surreal it feels to be kicking off 2016, it’s going to be a big year and so far we’re off to a perfect start.  As you’ll probably already know I’ve been on holidays in California and Mexico but I’m finally back and so happy to sink my teeth into the year ahead.  We have some ridiculously exciting things planned for the year but before I overshare, here’s a little something from my recent sneaky trip to Paris to set the wheels in motion.  There’s nothing better than having Palais Royale all to yourself in the warm sunlight on a cool wintery morning.  With a cashmere knit from Dion Lee and the perfect balance of luxe accessories, all you need is a Café Flore hot croissant, a coffee, oh and yeah.. a good looking French boy to prepare it for you and you’re set .. x

black knit: Dion Lee  .  grey skirt: Stella McCartney  .  bag: Louis Vuitton  .  fur loafers: Gucci  .  sunglasses: Celine

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