Hello from Oslo!

This weekend I packed everything my car could fit and drove to Oslo, this time however to stay! I finally found the most beautiful apartment a few weeks ago and from now, you can find me locally in Grünerløkka, hooray!  It is still quite empty since I brought only a few things, but thankfully the previous owner left me their couch to use until I get my own. I am also sleeping on it since I dont have a bed yet, while my duvets and pillows just arrived with the post today!  Did I mention I only have one pair of sheets and a blanket? I feel like a student again and I love it. I wanted a fresh start so I only brought with me a few select things and clothes, but now realize I might have gone too far with my minimalist plan. There are many things that will come by mail as I ordered them before I left, but they could take a few days to be here so for now, the apartment will be without plates or even cutlery for example. I should be ok, after all , sushi only needs a set of chopsticks right? The plan for the next few days is, get a table for the kitchen and a bed, while I ll need several trips to the super market to stock up on necessities. For now I am happy to set up my office on the couch, the windowsills work as side tables perfectly ;) I will be posting more updates on the blog as I settle in, but if you want sneak peeks and live updates of the apartment, just jump over my instagram and stories, for candid moments and moving tips ;)
// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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