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I think being Australian has given me a few strange obsessions. There is, of course, Vegemite on toast (it’s true, we all do it,) adding ‘o’ or ‘a’ to the end of every word and name possible (eg. a quick run to the bottle-o,) and of course – season envy.

‘Season envy’ is a phrase my friends and I use to describe the decidedly modern affliction of scrolling through your Instagram feed seeing the opposite hemisphere rugged up in winter gear while you are you sweltering under the summer sun, or for the other 6 months of the year seeing everyone one on European vacay while you are buried under winter woolies. I certainly count myself lucky to live where I do, for us it’s not Christmas unless you are eating seafood at the beach, but it’s hard not to feel a touch jealous when scrolling through snowman snaps. However, when it comes to seasonal sartorial suiting, I have always enjoyed the layered regalia that the colder months allow. Dressing for summer has always been a bit more of a challenge for me as my closet is mostly entirely weather inappropriate for this time of year… Enter MATCHESFASHION and their array warm weather wonders, in particular, this beautiful Matteu linen number that has turned me to the higher mercury side.

I never would have thought that two of my dressing essentials would include the adjectives ’voluminous’ & ‘billowing’, but baby, here we are and there’s no looking back. Just add a little Balenciaga seashell clutch and it’s the mermaid moment your inner child has been waiting for all this time. The cure to ‘season envy’ this time of year is simple really; a loose, breezy statement piece matched with a fun accessory or two. I’ve come to realise that seashell bags and sandy feet may just be more iconic duo than hot chocolate and marshmallows… x

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