Highlights of Menorca

I used to walk around with my camera all the time and photograph a lot during vacations and city trips. I published these photos on my photography blog called ‘my visual illusions’ many years ago. Nowadays I get allergic to have any form of technology around me in my free time. My sense of freedom immediately decreases when someone asks me to make a picture. I associate it with work, and more importantly, it distracts me of being in the moment. While photographing is actually meant to capture the moment. But why would you be more occupied with capturing the moment, instead of really be in the beautiful moment? It looks more like a goal for the future, than enjoying the present.

But.. there might be a love for photography. Which actually comes down on making the moment even more beautiful by doing something you love. Like adding a little extra. And that is exactly what I was rediscovering in Menorca. Unconsciously. So that explains these random photographs.


My highlights from Menorca


Ciutadella de Menorca


 Seriously one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. Way to small for me though. I felt quite limited being there, but the architecture is breathtaking; authentic with warm colors. It reminded me a bit of my favorite Spanish city Sevilla. I also found a lot of artistic and trendy fashion shops, something I was quite surprised about to find in such a small city.



 For me, the beaches of Menorca were beating the Algarvian ones. The colors are beautiful: dark grey caves, white sand and a turquoise sea. We shot the editorial for the Ragged Denim Top on one of the Minorcan beaches, although the water wasn’t as blue as it is when the sun shines on it.



 An all white village. Do I have to say more?

Cova d’en Xoroi


The most amazing club built in caves with an unbelievable sea view. Unfortunately I didn’t got the chance to go to one of their parties.

Far d’Artrutx


 To escape the tourism in the little place we stayed, we went to the lighthouse once or twice a day. In the mornings to drink a coffee with a view of the sea and the mountains of Mallorca, or in the evenings to drink a wine during sunset. A great place with laid-back atmosphere.



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