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What I should admit about this collaboration is how surprisingly well the two corporations managed to work together for the final outcome. Examining exactly this, while closing one eye, it’s quite hard to tell whether it’s KENZO or H&M , excluding logos of course. This is exactly the point that’s makes this collection so different from H&M X BALMAIN; the House was all over the place, it’s military luxurious details and references, endless, alongside but partially, the one with Alexander Wang’s signature. But right here right now, fabrics and textures, playful and affordable designs, introduced us something new; the power of setting and losing ones identity.




Regarding KENZO, I spent way to much time walking around Galeries Lafayette in Paris, lusting over grey oversized sweaters with the remarkable tiger and I’ve touched their outstanding  hardware always imagining their way into my collection. Both element were there, in their most direct almost modest form.

This sweater is one of my two picks from the H&M X KENZO collection, chosen from womenswear. Without being able to describe exactly what I felt about this piece, I could only say this: it is like different elements were put together without a single purpose and without achieving balance. The circle in the centre, yes indeed it does…but moving forward new materials introduce themselves, step by step. A feminine silk collar, moving along the chest in soft waves being closed and held with four tiny golden iconic tigers.

I find this lack of balance so disturbing that it manages to create a combination almost impossible to break, in other words, I wouldn’t change anything about it.



Special thanks to the incredible SCHWARZERSAMT for the captures!

Styling and editing: @sanssouci.a







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