Today’s post marks the beginning of a whole lot of interior content coming to the blog with my new home! The first thing I am going to show you is the colour palette we picked for our house coloured walls by Farrow & Ball! I am very excited to share with you all the steps of the decoration and hopefully keep you inspired on interior pieces and choices, beside my regular fashion posts

As you probably saw over the past week on my Instagram stories, we finally moved into the new house! (Big Yayyy!!) It’s not nearly close to be finished, but it’s good enough to be able to live in it. I don’t mind to take our time to finish with the decorations. I really want to wait until we find the pieces we love, instead of rushing and hopping from one furniture shop to another and ending up not being completely satisfied!

I’ve spent the past five month (since we bought the house) ‘pinteresting’ tons of interior images with the aim of making up my mind of what I really wanted. After the big refurbishment project was done and it came finally the time to start deciding on the interior, the first big decision was about the coloured walls we wanted in the house. I do like white (in fact the first floor it’s a whole lot of white, including the staircases and the wooden floors) but for the living areas (dining room, living room and guests/studio floor) and Emma’s bedroom I decided I wanted some coloured walls to add some character.


Luckly, Menno and I, both like a scandinavian vibe when it comes to interior so the decision on the coloured walls wasn’t too hard. We decided we wanted different shades of grey which ended up to look a divine contrast with the oak floor and a feminine colour for Emma’s bedroom, but not too girly. The coloured walls had to be a stement part of those rooms so I immediately thought of Farrow & Ball after hearing so many good things about the brand and falling in love with their paint colours. The light grey we picked is an understated stone grey, called Purbeck Stone, while for the contrast dark wall we picked a soft black with blue undertones, called Railings. The colour of Emma’s bedroom is a wildly romantic rose pink, called Cinder Rose.


Honestly, this was a first for me and I had no idea we had to decide so many details beside the colours of the walls! What kind of paint was the best to be used, what finish or primer we needed, how many square meters we wanted to paint. There was no way I could sort out all of these information by myself and get the right paint if it wasn’t for the ‘Advice’ page on Farrow & Ball website and “How to Decorate” very inspiring book (by Studholme & Charlotte Cosby). Their website helped us calculating the paint quantities and the finishes we needed. They also offer a In-Home colour consultancy where you can meet Farrow & Ball experts. How cool is that!

I hope you like the result as much as we do!!

  Created in collaboration with Farrow & Ball. Story, styling, creative direction and photography my own. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave
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