How Bizarre

This week has been car-ay-zee.  If you’ve been following my Insta stories, it’s been non stop shooting with projects for some of our favourite designers including one of my fav’s Viktor & Rolf.

In the past few days I’ve flown on 6 flights, packed and unpacked 3 times and edited over 200 images.  Right now it’s 11pm and I’m finally sitting down for some dinner so I thought I’d put together this little post that we shot between meetings on Monday.  Lately ruffles have been high on my radar and the more voluminous and architectural the better.

French poet Charles Baudelaire once said ‘The beautiful is always strange’ and I couldn’t agree more, it’s not always the obvious that we’re attracted to but the unusual can be just as interesting too.  So crank up the ruffle factor ladies ..  le beau est toujours bizarre .. bisous bisous ..

denim ruffle shirt: Storets  .  denim jeans: Vintage Levi’s  .  tapestry ankle boots: Dior  .  velvet bag: Anine Bing  .  sunglasses: Celine

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