How to Buy Shoes Online Like a Pro

How to buy shoes online

Valentino Garavani ‘Star Studded’ pumps

While my foray into online shopping started years ago, it took me quite some soul searching before I ventured to buy shoes online. But alas, when my first pair arrived, I realised the half size error in my size conversion, and my new shoes proceeded to serve as a blister factory in the next few weeks.

Now, this is not a cautionary tale to put you off online shopping forever – quite the opposite. I completely understand that, when it comes to buying shoes without trying on, multiple universes, the Higgs boson, and other paradigm shifts of our time, may feel easier to accept. However, with changes come new benefits: we now have access to vastly more choice than the same-same labels in your local mall, the time we used to spend travelling to the store can now go to other things, and, of course, prices online are almost always better. Farfetch has hit these sartorial nails on the head, bringing independent boutiques all over the world together under one online shopping destination, where the last one of your size in a sold out style might be located in a little shop in Madrid somewhere – my Valentino Star Studded ankle strap pumps came all the way from Trapani, Italy.

To allay your fears, here are my tips to help you master the art of buying shoes online.

Intimately know your size
Once you know your sizing very well, you will find that there is not such a huge disparity between the sizing of different shoe styles, especially those made by the same brand. It’s also important to know exactly what your size is in every country. For example, I’m a size EU37.5, and know by heart my conversions of Japanese 23.5 cm, UK5, US7.5, and AU7. When my Valentino pumps arrived from Farfetch, it fit like a glove. Your perfect size could be something learned through trial and error, but you might also consider measuring your foot properly.

Have your go-to brands
There are slight differences in the way different brands design their shoe fits. It’s not unusual for you to be half a size bigger or smaller in one particular brand. However, individual brands will create shoe fits in similar ways. Therefore, you can generally be confident that if you’ve had a great fitting shoe from one brand, their other styles will fit you in the same way.

Do your research
For brands you’ve never bought shoes from before, it’s not a bad idea to search for reviews and information on that particular style. Find out the name of the product from the online shop and search for reviews about the quality, fit and comfort. Bloggers are great authorities to consult. Don’t be shy to ask questions!

Choose quality
Sometimes, no matter how much due diligence you take, some brands simply aren’t making quality shoes that stand the test of time and use. Simply buying a shoe based on the style is playing Russian roulette, no matter how much you think that chain store pair looks exactly like current season Miu Miu’s. Seek out your shoes from mid to high-end brands known for their quality and craftsmanship. The price is heftier, but you will be making a wise investment for years to come.

Check the return policy
All of the above is not fool proof, and you may still find yourself with an ill-fitting shoe despite all your efforts. Therefore, always check the return policy and take advantage. Farfetch offers amazing free returns pick-up so you don’t even need to go into the post office. The paperwork that comes in your parcel will also have clear instructions. Generally, you can also also return online items to the brand’s physical shops.

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