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Standing out in the fashion world is not easy. If you are in the fashion industry you will know that there is a lot of competition—especially if you’re a newcomer. 

How many fashion labels can you name off the top of your head? The answer is probably a lot. 

The fashion industry is saturated with countless brands that are household names. It is hard to compete with well-known brands that are able to mass-produce clothing that not only looks fashionable but is also affordable. 

The truth is consumers usually stick to the same brands. Most people have favourite brands and tend to purchase most of their clothing from the same places. If you want new customers you will need to stand out and prove to your potential customers that your clothing is worth buying.  

A fashion show is a great way to show off your products. This is why a fashion show can make or break your overall sales for the upcoming season. If you don’t make an impression and are not memorable no one will be interested.  Here are 4 ways to host a memorable fashion show. 

Market your event

Before we get ahead of ourselves and start organizing an event we will need to make sure you have some actual attendees! Here are the best ways to market your event.

  1. Start marketing your event long in advance. Start creating professional looking invites with high-resolution photos of your clothing and Invite people within the fashion industry. 

These people will have some great connections and are more likely to attend than people who are not in the fashion industry. Fashion buyers and models are people you will want to have on your guest list. 

  1. Promote the event on your social media profiles. If you don’t already have social media profiles for your business make sure you get one.
  1.  If you have a website and a well-established e-mail marketing system send invitations out to your email marketing list!
  1. Contact local newspapers and advertise your event in the newspaper. 

Hire a photobooth

The great thing about photobooths is that your guests can take their photos home with them. This means that your guests will have mementos from your event. When they look back at the photos they will likely be reminded of the event!

To make your company stand out more you can even add a backdrop featuring your brand’s logo, meaning that every time someone looks at their photo they will see your brand logo in the background. Encourage your guests to post their photos on social media. This can create some extra publicity for your business. 

Try looking for photobooth hire in Melbourne or in your city for your event and see what it can do for your event. 

Make it entertaining

There is a reason that The Victorias Secret fashion show is one of the most-watched fashion shows in the world. It’s entertaining, there is always upbeat music, performers and the models are always smiling. 

A standard fashion show won’t just cut it. If it is boring people will just be looking at their watches and waiting for your event to be over. 

If your budget allows it hire some performers to entertain your guests before the show starts. Entertainers such as acrobats and dancers work well for this kind of event. Great music, entertainment, and lighting will look really professional and will make your event stand out.

When the models are walking down the runway, make sure there is upbeat music playing and the models are smiling. Your guests will remember your event as being fun and uplifting.

Create some quality gift bags for attendees

People love free things. Handing out gift bags and free products can be a great investment. Here are some of the best things to place in your gift bag:

Vouchers: Provide your attendees with a voucher for your online store. People will think that they are getting a deal if you provide them with 30% off at your online store but really it is a way for you to attract new customers and extra sales. 

Products with your brand name on it: Products such as drink bottles and pens are things that people use every day. If you can get some products custom made with your business name and company logo on it you can hand these out to your guests. Every time they use the products they will be reminded of your event.

Catalogues: Place a catalogue in your gift bag. This will showcase your products. Make sure that your catalogue looks professional and the photos are in high definition. 

Good luck with your fashion show! Try implementing some of the abovementioned suggestions at your event to help you stand out from the competition.