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Living in times of big changes is always not easy. There are lots of challenges we are forced to cope with now, and we have to mobilize all our inner force to do this.
On this road, it is better when you have someone beside you who would guide you through this. Shakuntali Siberia is the Enlightened Woman whose mission is to help women all around the world to regain their power and lead them from the difficulties of this world to complete happiness and health.
In these turbulent times, Shakuntali Siberia is ready to open up your inner force, find your predestination and develop the spiritual power you were born with. In addition to her enlightenment, Shakuntali Siberia is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, the temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Not only our earth changes
There are changes happening not only on earth but also at the astrological level. Saturn is going to enter Capricorn in the coming 2021. Thus, the planet is growing stronger. By the universal laws, the forces of light and dark are mobilizing.
Shakuntali Siberia advises that in these difficult times the main thing is not to give up. This is critically important to fill ourselves with positive emotions and be thankful for everything we have got in this life.
When your soul becomes as enlightened as possible, you are able to overcome any difficulties and obstacles.

Invisible obstacles
Do not wonder if you will immediately face the difficulties on the way of enlightening. This means that Dark Forces are activating to interfere with your intentions. It is very important to resist the influence of Dark Forces.
Such influence can be easily traced by the elementary example of trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. You may recall when you were determined to attend gym or yoga classes and keep a healthy diet. At first, everything goes right, you act as planned, but after some classes, you may feel that there is a great particular reason to miss today (only today!), then another day, and still good reasons for that, and after that, the old habits return. If it happens, it just means that you are attacked by the force of laziness.
The trick, in this case, is that you do not resist this force at all because you are totally sure that not attending a gym is your decision and you have objective reasons for that.
The same situation can occur in the emotional sphere too if you love someone from the bottom of your heart. If you suddenly start feeling overwhelming jealousy that ruins all the relationships, it means that you are under the influence of the Dark Forces.
How to stop evil?
Is there any way out? Of course, there is. Firstly, we should admit in our heart that the Dark Forces exist, as a lot of people just do not think about it, they are still very down to Earth. Secondly, you must be strong enough to confront the powerful forces of darkness.
To check whether you have a strong will or not, you may carry out a little experiment right now. Promise to yourself to look at any object for 10 minutes and counting your breaths at the same time. After 10 minutes pass check yourself. If you would realize that you stopped looking and counting long ago, it would mean that it is better to train your will.
Remember that to overcome the obstacles that the Dark Forces from the Lower World offer us, you need to be totally at the side of the light. It is not so difficult as it may seem.
Shakuntali Siberia suggests you the way.
Extend your social circle with the spiritually enlightened and developed people.
Together you will learn how to cope with challenges. Together it will be easier and no doubts will occur whether you are doing right or not. How to get to know such people? Search the groups in your town, learn about their schedule and join! You can always visit for the schedule of Shakuntali Siberia’s events, moreover, most of them are online nowadays.
The right place is very important
Shakuntali Siberia holds various kinds of activities almost every day: seminars, individual consultations, classes of her Temple School. You can choose any day convenient for you and join to find as much support as ever possible. You will feel that your choice is right just in a few minutes the event starts.
It is essential to be ready
Shakuntali Siberia’s events are always timed with the special astrological occasions when all the forces are united to help us reach our goal of self-enlightenment. This is a very exciting moment, and we must be ready for that.
Following these 3 components will help you to face the Dark Forces, win the battle and stay on the side of Light. You will be able to overcome the challenges of our changing world, develop your skills and maybe even find your predestination.
Non-magic miracles
Real miracles happen at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars. People who attend her events recall their predestination, their true goal in this life and through that they find their real happiness. 
These astonishing results affect not only those who are present at Shakuntali Siberia’s events but also all their relatives and friends. 
Shakuntali Siberia shares her warmth and strength with all her students, her positive energy flows through the class and changes people’s lives. She awakens the native power in her students and through this, the planet will reach its next level without heavy turbulences.
The stronger, the kinder, the healthier, the happier we become – the better for our planet.
Check Shakuntali’s Siberia site for the seminars, retreats, order the unique individual amulets to protect you from the Dark Forces! Together we will become as much enlightened and conscious that it will completely change our lives and lead us to complete happiness. And this will help our blessed planet to keep flourishing.