How To Wear Fringe

To me, there is nothing better than an all-black look – for virtually any occasion, in any season, at any time. I often opt for an outfit with no frills, but every now and then I like to play around a little. Like I mentioned last week: it’s good to have fun with dressing up. Whether it’s incorporating a sheer top into your outfit or, like here, doubling up on fringe… When you keep the colour scheme muted it can all work – even in a more minimalist wardrobe.

Preferring a minimalist style doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate trends, like the fringe this season, without sacrificing your style. The key is to go for a monotone look, staying within your usual “colour” palette, and toning down on the accessories. Sounds simple, but I often find myself trying to match the statement (fringe) with another statement (e.g. big watch) to even things out. And then it ends up being too much. Let the statement piece be the statement, but make it less obvious by following the 3 tips above.
I am all for subtle statements!