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Your bedroom is one of the rooms in which you spend most of your time, even if it’s just for sleeping purposes. Thus, you should feel comfortable with how the rooms looks, but it can get dated fairly quickly. Here’s how you can switch things up to make it more exciting.

Think About The Placement Of Your Bed

Sometimes, the simplest changes are the most effective. You’d be surprised at how much space you could get in your bedroom simply by moving the bed to the other side of the room, or rotating it where it currently sits. You can get as creative as you like, the choice is yours with what you want to do with your space, even if it’s only slightly altering it.

Consider Your Curtains Or Blinds

The window space of your bedroom, assuming you have a window, is an important part of any bedroom. That’s because it provides natural lighting into your room, which is always a good thing.

However, not everyone is a morning person who is happy to see the sun. That’s why black out blinds have become so popular. You should consider if you’re wanting to install curtains or blinds, so you know what to do with the area around the window. Some curtains may be longer and drapier than others, which could stop you having a table there, for example.

The Bedding And Fabrics

If you want to make a quick change without altering too much else, then you should consider purchasing some new bedding, perhaps made of different materials. It’s a fast and effective way of making change with little cost and time, compared to other methods. Consider having a few in storage that you can swap out from time to time, whilst the other is cleaned, to help keep the room on its toes.

Colour Can Change Everything

When it comes to changing up your bedroom to transform its look, you can simply not go wrong by looking at the colour scheme. That refers to what you decorate the walls with, such as paints or wallpapers, and the colours of everything in the room.

Of course, you don’t want it all to be identical, but you could implement some blue and green colours if you want to go for a calming natural look. A popular method of colour in recent years is to mix white with contrasting colours, such as deep blue. Check out these bedroom colour ideas, such as introducing canary yellow to find a striking colour for the bedroom.

Other bedroom elements that will be mentioned should also be considered for their colour, so that they’re not really conflicting with each other. Otherwise, you may be back to square one when it comes to remodelling your bedroom.

Purchase Some Artwork

For refreshing your bedrooms look, artwork can be a stand out candidate to consider. Even if you’re not fully into your art, and may not be visiting art galleries, you can still appreciate when something looks good to you. It could be a nature piece, or something abstract that looks fun to you.

You can even get art that suits the theme of your room. For example, many young people have started purchasing metal posters with unique artwork on that related to their personality. It could be about a video game, a tv show or a movie. They can really help a bedroom or an office pop and stand out.

Go More Green

What you can do, is introduce more greenery into your bedroom. Whether it’s a little cactus on your bedside table, or a big floor plant in the corner of your room. Plants are not only stylish, but they can also help boost your mood, with natural chemicals being produced in your body simply by being near them and looking. 

It’s also been seen as a great motivational tool, for the same reason. Looking after a plant gives you some commitment, with providing it with sufficient light and watering it when it needs substance.

Of course, if you don’t feel suitably prepared for looking after a plant, or don’t want to deal with the smells associated with a dying plant, then you could get a fake. Fake plants can still suit the style you’re aiming for, but with it needed no care apart from dusting. 

Some people go for plants that aren’t green, in order for them to be more unique. Blue, pink and yellow plants are proving to be more popular in recent years, as bedrooms become more colourful away from white.

Flooring And Rugs

When it comes to changing up your bedroom, the floor could be a great starting place. The materials you use, such as carpet or wood, can help define the look of the entire room. There are benefits of both, such as wood being easier to clean, but it mostly comes down to preference.

Aside from thinking about the physical floor, you should think about what you will cover the flooring with. Rugs come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as material. They can go partly under the bed, desk or just an open space in the bedroom.

They are a great way to customise a bedroom and make it seem less empty in the middle. It’s a bonus that they have fun designs to play around with too.

Lighting And Lamps

The lighting of any room is usually important, but it becomes even more so when it’s regarding your bedroom. When you wake up, you will most likely turn on your bedside table lamp, to help start your day, so you want it to be a nice light.

There are different bulbs available for lamps, that have different colours and intensity. For the bedroom, it usually comes down either a softer LED or classic bulb, but you can play around with it and look around. 

When it comes to the actual room lighting, there is also options. Such as spotlights, downlights or traditional hanging bulbs. Aside from the bulb, you can get different shapes, sizes and colours for the fittings themselves, to help change up the look of the room.

Smart Devices And Other Pieces Of Technology

Many bedrooms are making use of smart devices and other such technological advancements to help spruce the room up. Smart devices can be used as a modern alarm clock, that will wake you up and start your day how you designate it.

For example, it could be programmed to tell you the new bulletins of the morning, tell you about the weather, or what’s on your diary and agenda for the day. Most of the time, people will just line it up to play a radio.

Consider Hiring An Expert

Before ripping your bedroom up, consider speaking to an expert. They will be able to assess your ideas and find what’s viable, and what is impossible. Whether the expert is a design expert, or construction expert, there will be someone who is able to assist.

Get Adequate Storage

Storage is becoming increasingly important as a function of a bedroom. Most of the beds that people buy will be bought purely because they have storage space under the bed. If you’re able to have cupboard space, then that too will be a useful asset to a bedroom.