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Vietnamese studio H&P Architects has used leftover construction materials to build a multicoloured community building in the grounds of a stadium in Vietnam‘s Ha Tinh province (+ slideshow).

Named Re-ainbow, a combination of the words re-use and rainbow, the structure comprises a small rectangular building and a multicoloured canopy that shelters both it and the space in front. Both were built using recycled materials.

H&P Architects – whose past projects include a flood-proof bamboo house – describes the building as “a multifunctional construction project for the community built of both static and dynamic categories”.

The small building hosts the “static categories”, a health clinic and a public toilet. Moveable partition walls mean the area can be adjusted when needed to alter the size of rooms or divide the space into different configurations.

The covered external space can be used for a variety of “dynamic” uses – as a classroom, theatre, meeting area or as a refreshment tent. There is also a small unsheltered garden in the centre.

Re-ainbow is located next to Duc Tho stadium, which has been closed for nearly 10 years. The architects built the new structure themselves using found and recycled construction materials, including scaffolding pipes, sheet metal, bricks and ashlar blocks, as well as reclaimed bathroom fittings, tables and chairs.

The sheet-metal roof zigzags over brightly coloured supporting poles in shades of red, yellow, green and blue. It is topped by solar panels that provide the building with lighting and heating, and rainwater is collected in rooftop tanks for reuse.

“The aim of the project is to help improve public capability to adapt and respond to climate change via re-use of waste items and efficient use of energy,” the studio said in a statement.

Despite the limited materials, the architects have planned the structure to withstand extreme weather such as heavy storms, which are common.

The area surrounding the structure can be used for sports and outdoor activities including volleyball, badminton and the long jump.

“Re-ainbow reflects the image of a rainbow as to the inspiration of various colours, emphasising the equal value of each,” the studio said.

“It is, at the same time, intended to improve social awareness of the diversity in identity and the legitimacy of the pursuit of equality of each individual in society, by shaping and developing a new rural model in Vietnam.”

Photography is by Doan Thanh Ha.

Project credits:

Architect: H&P Architects
Architects in charge: Doan Thanh Ha, Tran Ngoc Phuong
Team: Chu Kim Thinh, Chu Van Dong, Nguyen Hai Hue, Hoang Huu Nam
Construction: H&P Architects and volunteers

Concept drawing
Exploded axonometric diagram – click for larger image
Floor plan – click for larger image
Sections – click for larger image
Detailed section – click for larger image

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