Posted on: 12/27/2017 Posted by: Cindy Comments: 0

Hello there! With 2018 around the corner, a new chapter has begun for me and my family. For those who follow me on my Instagram and Facebook account have probably already seen some of the sneak previews I’ve shown of our new home. In May of 2016 we accidentally stumbled upon a piece of building plot, and that’s where it all began. Together with an architect we designed a home from scratch. A dream come true! But you need to have patience, lot’s of it. After almost two (lóng) years we have finally received the keys to our home, and I can not wait to start decorating it! I will try to take some good photos with my camera this week to show here on the blog. In the mean time you have to settle with my Instagram photos. ;) Anyway, here are some beautiful photos that inspired my boyfriend (or do I need to say fiancé! Yes, that happened too) for our own home.

Sources via Pinterest.