Interior design inspiration from one of your favorite clothing stores?

Have you checked out Zara Home lately? I often forget it’s even there until a few nights ago when I fell down some rabbit hole, thanks to Pinterest, and landed back on their home page. If you want my honest opinion, I still think their clothing selection is superior to their home line but there are definitely some nice budget friendly interior accessories to be found if you do a little searching.

What I liked most was this bathroom styling. Often bathrooms are not so elegant, I know in many of the standard homes where we live they can be down right ugly, so one as elegant and stylish as this one is a dream.

And look at this dining room! These Pierre Jeanneret cane dining chairs have become all the rage lately, popping up all over interiors and Instagram alike. Obviously not from Zara, these were designed by Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret sometime before the 1960’s.