Posted on: 10/02/2016 Posted by: Cindy Comments: 0

Styled a new corner in our living room. Love how the white, grey and black comes together, and yes.. I’m still a big fan of the marble hype in my home. Got the XL lamp, mirror, marble candle holder and marble table at my latest online shop-addiction: Westwing. It’s basically a designer interior outlet with brands like Hay, Zuiver, Vita, Pols en Potten, Bloomingville, you name it. Every day they add new sales and campaigns with different items and brands, so I pretty much check their website every single week (yes, it’s that bad!). Can’t wait until we can decorate our new home! It will still takes about 9 months before it’s done. We just finished designing our new home with an architect, and then soon the building can start. I just can’t wait, it feels like forever!