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I’m interviewing people that are a huge inspiration to me. It’s not just an interview: I’m seeking an honest and deep conversation.

Domino and I met in Bali about a year ago. In only a few months time, we became really close friends. The Swedish beauty owns several Instagram accounts with almost 2 million followers altogether of which @fashionbook the most famous and @femmebook my personal favorite.

She is one of those persons of who you know will do magnificent things in life. Not necessarily because of what she achieved already, you will just know by her energy. I admire her personality and I often wonder what’s going through her mind. She’s the most open-minded person I know, but yet she’s quite mysterious. Let’s try to unravel what’s inside of her mind…

I always find it remarkable that lots of people state they are open-minded, but many of them are still quite judgmental. For me, you are the ultimate example of an open-minded person. You always listen, you never judge. How come you never feel like judging other people? What does it mean for you to be open minded? Oh I’ve been the worst, trust me! I used to be an expert when it comes to judging people, until I realised how wrong I often was. One of my best examples; I couldn’t even stand my absolute best friend back in Sweden for the first years, because I completely judged her before I actually got to know her. I think the most simple answer to this question is that I’ve really learned by judging people mistakenly. Often, people unexpectedly turn out to be absolutely amazing and inspiring! And when it comes to being open-minded, I think the simple answer is that I get to know people much better being open-minded. My theory is that people will be open-minded as a result of you being open-minded. I appreciate open conversations so much. I can’t stand small talk: I just want to get a deep, open and honest conversation from the very first second I meet someone.

“I can’t stand small talk: I just want to get a deep, open and honest conversation from the very first second I meet someone.”

I feel like both of our personalities won’t ever be facing any trouble towards each other. I think we would always respect and be understanding to each other, in whatever situation. That’s what I really admire in our friendship. What do you find remarkable in our friendship? What did you learn from our friendship? As a little continuation on my previous answer, I really enjoy our open minded conversations. That is what I truly love about our friendship. From the very first time I met you, we had very interesting and deep conversations about pretty much everything. It feels like I know everything about you – and you about me, even though we haven’t even known each other for a year.
We are so honest to each other. I can say whatever is on my mind, which I think is one of the keys to a good friendship – honesty! To be able to tell each other everything without judging each other. I felt from the very first beginning that you were different. I remember being very afraid of you – just because of your honesty. I wasn’t used to that – but since I met you I seek honesty in new people that I meet.

“I seek honesty in new people that I meet.”

You have this cool-without-an-attitude feeling over you. Whilst partying, we noticed people are often scared for you. We had countless conversations wondering why people experience you in a different way than how you feel. How do you think your personality differs from they way people are perceiving you? Haha! Countless, indeed. I think the most simple answer would be my face expression. I have a pretty hard face I guess? I know that I can look extremely pissed and sad whilst feeling super happy, haha. I’ve heard and noticed people have respect for strong people. It is sadly a bit unusual that especially girls (and in particular younger girls) are powerful. I am 19 (soooon 20) and I am a girl but yet I would consider myself as a strong and independent individual, which most people aren’t used to. I always get the same shocked reaction when I tell people I left my family and home for Bali as a 18 year old. People may see me as different? And different often scares people. I don’t know actually – this is such an interesting question!

I am born late 80s and you’re born late 90s. Do you notice dissimilarities in the way we both think which might be due a difference in spirit of the age? Haha, I do, I do! I remember our first conversation, we were talking about feminism and you pretty much didn’t understand the importance of it. I was so amazed by that – since that’s one of the biggest topics back home in Sweden. I really think that has with age to do. I find it so interesting – the “rules” are that the younger people learn from the older, but I think it’s amazing that I feel we both learn as much from each other, even though we are almost 10 years apart.

“It’s amazing that we both learn from each other, even though we are almost 10 years apart.”

The way I know you in Bali, your statement look is a Levis jeans, vintage tee and lots of silver jewelry. But I never met you anywhere outside the tropical island. How is your style back in Sweden? Do you have a characteristic Scandinavian style? I actually wouldn’t state that I have a specific style. Is that weird? I really just wear whatever I feel comfortable in. I would say though that my style is very relaxed. I hate the fact that there’s something called “women clothes” and “men clothes”. I just wear whatever I feel like wearing and it differs everyday.

I would like to end with a question affecting my current situation. I haven’t been able to walk for two months and I must say I’m getting really impatient. You had 4 surgeries on your feet several years ago and you couldn’t walk for a total of 3 years. How did you stay patient all this time? What did you learn during this time? I think this situation has been one of the toughest but also most important event in my life, so far. I needed to get surgery because of playing too much basketball. Basketball was my life and the plan was to be a professional basketball player. So my life turned upside down when the doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to play basketball again. Ever! I think from that moment I allowed myself to be sad for a week (remember that it’s okay to be sad), and then I tried to be as happy as I possible could. I tried to find positive things everyday that could make me happy, even the smallest ones as a shining sun. I also started my business Fashionbook whilst totally bedridden for a couple of years. I had so much time left to do things I never had the time for earlier. I try to believe in destiny and even though I didn’t knew at that stage why I had to go through that tough period – I think I know today. I had the time and the opportunity to move to Bali, to meet all the amazing people I met (including you) and experience the things that I experienced. And I also met my love in Bali, which is a person I most likely never ever would have met if I wouldn’t have all the surgeries.

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