What’s the story behind Squarestreet? What ideas do the unique and elegant designs have?
Well, Squarestreet is, as the name suggests, an actual street in Hong Kong’s creative district, on the fringes of the CBD, where I opened my first retail boutique and subsequently also founded the eponymous watch label.
My designs are, for lack of a better description, exercises in aesthetics. An attempt at marrying balance, beauty and practicality to create something truly visceral in its appeal.
I like the term intricate simplicity for what I try to achieve. Watches with unprecedented amounts of detail, yet uncluttered and clear in their appearance.

The Scandinavian seems to be the best in designing watches. What’s the reason for this you think?
Perhaps it is the “practical aesthetics” aspect of watches that so closely mimics the Scandinavian way of approaching design. The fact that the object has such a clear goal, to tell time, in a simple and straightforward manner. This is always at the heart of what we try to achieve, practical beauty.

What does minimalism mean to you? And how does this influence Squarestreet?

Minimalism has lost a lot of its former glory. Mostly because people confused it with reduction, the removal of detail, angles, parts and colour. Which in the end only produces a truck load of boring, disassociated, monochrome products.
True minimalism is focus. A product with great depth, texture, colour and shape, but one that conveys a single message. Minimalism lies not in how “clean” or empty you make your design, but rather how minimal the distortion of your design language can be.

What type of person did you imagine wearing your watches?

I would imagine anyone who connects with my design would wear them. Most people wear what others tell them to, but since we’re more in the business of letting you make the choice, I guess my demographic belongs to the minority of free thinkers out there.

How’s Squarestreet different from other watch brands?

I would say Squarestreet watches are, to start with, different simply because they are different looking. A lot of watches look the same these days, anxiousness will do that to you, “Worked for him, let’s do the same.” I start with a blank sheet of illustrator, then I draw, erase and draw again until I’ve found what I didn’t know I was looking for.