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Has your office lost its pizzazz? You want to update the space but do not
want to do a total makeover, and most importantly, the budget is limited.
Consider these ten ways to make your office look new and exciting again.

Digital wall coverings
Digital wall coverings are a cutting-edge way to display what your company
represents. Start by choosing or designing a digital pattern, in conjunction
with a graphic artist, to reflect your brand accurately. The next step is to
decide on the size, color, and materials of your digital wall covering. Once
you agree on the specifics, the office upgrade is ready to print and install.
Something else to consider is a vinyl window graphics. As with the digital
wall covering, you can collaborate in the design to best represent your

Custom artwork
Embellish your walls with custom artwork, reflecting the company’s culture
and branding. Asking your artistic employees to submit their artwork for
consideration would be a tremendous morale-building exercise as it
demonstrates how you value your employee’s input and talent.
You can also hire an expert to design custom artwork for the office that’s
inspired by the company logo or relevant photographs.

Conversational furniture
We have all had the experience of walking into an office and seeing that one piece of furniture that tells us we are in the right place. This impactful first impression goes a long way in defining the company and a potential
customer’s reaction to it. A visually inviting piece of furniture or accessory also makes employees feel that their company cares about their workplace comfort.

Flooring is not inexpensive, but if your budget allows for it, add different
flooring in common areas to customize the space and create a more significant impact. It could be wood or carpet tiles whose color and pattern
reflect your culture and brand.Interactive conference room
Create an interactive conference room using technology as straightforward
as whiteboards or updated computers and software. This modernization
promotes collaborative solutions and increased creativity.

Accent colors
Color attracts attention, especially when it is an accent color on a wall or
small office furniture piece. Adding a pop of another color can transform a
drab office into a personality-filled and welcoming space for employees and

Decorative lighting
Installing decorative lighting in areas such as the break room can instantly
create a warm and inviting space and lead to increased employee morale.
Another place to consider decorative lighting is the reception area.
Customers and guests will feel like they are walking into a professional and
welcoming environment. An example of beautiful and affordable decorative lighting is a pendant light that can come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and will easily fit into your current office decor.

Colorful chairs
Adding colorful chairs to your reception area or conference room will quickly
add the missing eye-catching pop and convey that this is a welcoming and
innovative office.

Organize clutter
Most people function better is a space that is free of clutter and organized.
For example, ensure that the break room set up allows a place for
everything such as coffee, cups, and utensils. Another space in the office where neatness is a must is the reception area, as that space creates a
potential customer’s first impression, and you need to put your best foot

Recycling options
Another inexpensive and morale-building addition to the office is recycling
stations. Everyone is environmentally conscious these days and will
appreciate the effort to make an office a little less wasteful.
These are just a few updates to the office that will not break your budget.
Try a few and watch for the positive reactions from your employees,
customers, and guests.