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I always pass this cute little village Muiden when I drive my scooter from Amsterdam to my parents. It’s my favorite few minutes of the hour bike ride. It feels like everyone is enjoying their daily lives. The cafés are full of people and there are lots of people on the streets. It’s just a tiny tiny little village, but the ambiance is so good! It’s known for this huge castle which attracts lots of tourists. International tourists.

They call it the “Amsterdam Castle” nowadays. Me and my family laughed about it as we don’t consider it as Amsterdam at all. But I guess our tiny country kinda feels like one big city.

I was wearing slides from James Smith, handcrafted luxury slides based in Amalfi slash Bali. Isn’t that the coolest combi of places? I was also wearing a shirt by Loavies. Love how retro it looks with the denim and oval Rayban.



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