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The tricky part about experimentation is that it’s risky but as Hellen Keller the famous author once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  The good thing here is that a daring adventure doesn’t have to mean taking a 2 month hiking tour across Tibet with little more than a weeks wages in your bank account.  We face daring adventures every day, for instance for me it’s facing peak hour traffic and crossing a 6 lane highway without taking out the cars on either side of me.. no seriously.

But taking risks no matter how big or small can be rewarding, so my challenge for you my good friends is to look at the everyday pieces in your wardrobe and experiment with new ways to wear them.  I’ve had this Mr Mittens scarf for such a long time and it’s one big mother of a scarf, the kind that you bring out for a New York snow storm, but not so wearable in the warmer parts of the globe.  I was staring at it not so long ago and realised that somewhere behind it’s fluffy furnacey facade lay a very malleable potentially wearable wardrobe staple, it just took a little bit of imagination (oh and if you’re more modestly inclined a pair of pasties won’t hurt).  With an oversized safety pin and working those primary school origami skills, you’ll be amazed with what you can do with the common scarf.  There are a bazillion ways that you can rework a scarf into a top, just make sure that it’s long enough to cover all the right places, oh and yes a very good sense of adventure wouldn’t go astray either .. x

white scarf knit(worn as top): Mr Mittens  .  black trousers: TY-LR  .  slides: Givenchy .  gold bracelet: Man

Photography: Nat Lanyon   .  photographed at the Grace Hotel Santorini via The Luxe Nomad

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