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I’m not sure what it is about our Eastern European friends in Georgia,  but this particular region of Turkey seems to be somewhat of an incubator for rising talent. In addition to our good friend George Keburia, yet another creative duo hailing from this part of the world has popped up on our radar and now, there’s no going back.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you Giorgi Wazowski and Nina Ivanovna.  Giorgi and Nina have created Le Chic Radical, inspired by chic sophisticated women, where the beauty and style of the 90s female character is evident.

When you get the 90s right, it’s so right. Think effortless outfits such as the black slip dress and slides with the coolest 90s sunglasses (which we are all wearing at the moment). Le Chic Radial seems to have the perfect accessories to reinvent our timeless 90s wardrobe, while being as contemporary as you can get.  I’m so glad to have introduced you, I think you’ll be great friends.  And trust me, the pleasure is all mine… xx

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