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Considering the current state of my wardrobe .. (note to self: colour co-ordinated piles of clothing heaped over various pieces of bedroom furniture does not clarify as tidiness), I do not deserved to be welcoming more garments into the stable.   However 2 things .. firstly .. a tidy up of the ‘said’ above disaster zone is currently underway and secondly when a coat this good comes along … how can you resist.

You see in my opinion a girl can never have too many coats, ie. there is a coat for every occasion.  There is the coat for keeping warm (boring I know but a winter essential no less), there is the coat that you buy because you know that it’s going to go with everything (I consider this a wardrobe staple, actually I like to naively believe that this coat is even more important than the coat for keeping warm), and lastly there is the coat that you buy because it makes you feel damn good … the Fashion Coat, perfect for fashion week escapades and the kind of coat that women buy to impress other women, that’s my kind of coat baby.

Now team your Fashion Coat with a ridiculously good looking pair of shoes and you’ll feel like a million bucks.  Fashion week pending or not, coats and shoes are one of my number one distractions and of late my predisposition for Mr Nicolas Ghesquière’s grunge-ified offerings have been the talk of our office.  With the Louis Vuitton Prefall 16 collections dropping in store and now the footwear becoming available to shop on line, it was only a matter of time til I crumbled.  Luckily a collection this good warrants an excuse for purchasing .. and trust me .. that’s all the excuse you will need ..

Navy & White Striped Prefall 2016 Coat: Louis Vuitton  .  Black Shirt: Toni Maticevski  .  Black Trousers: Dion Lee  .  Platform ‘Fighter’ Ankle Boots: Louis Vuitton  .  Bag: Louis Vuitton ‘Twist’ Bag

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