Locked And Loaded

When it comes to handbags I like to think of myself as a kind of modern day Hermione Granger, carrying around everything and anything that could get you out of life’s most unsuspecting adventures.  You see there’s only one problem that lies within this kind of lifestyle and that’s finding a bag that can deal with it.  A bucket bag is a good start, so when Coach recently approached me to team up and collaborate on a bag that could tick all those boxes I was up for the challenge.  Deep enough to stash an SLR camera, roomy enough to house a handful of impromptu polaroids and cool enough that even Hermione would be impressed, the  Turnlock Tie Bucket Bag was my bag of choice.  This buttery soft leather beauty will put a hex on you so irreversible that the most powerful of spellbinders couldn’t unravel and I for one am happy to stay under its spell ..

The Coach Turnlock Tie Bag is available .. here

photography: Madelyn Wray 

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