Louis Vuitton In Tokyo

In the words of Nicolas Ghesquiere himself .. ‘Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new’.   As we all know, creating something new, inventive and luxurious that will soon become a timeless classic, a collectors item by those who covet the bespoke, is a Louis Vuitton speciality.

The past, present and future are prevalent elements in all that encompasses the Louis Vuitton brand.  From Marc Jacobs’ referencing of the Damier check canvas print in his SS 2103 Ready To Wear runway show, to Nicolas Ghesquiere referencing motifs from Georges Vuitton’s personal luggage collection in his RTW pieces.  It is this unique mix of history, innovation and technology that have been integral to the evolution of Louis Vuitton, and let’s be honest it’s why every season we keep coming back for more.

Whilst recently in Tokyo and in celebration of the Past, Present and Future of Louis Vuitton, I worked with the most incredible creative team to produce an editorial of  bucket list proportions …  One day in Tokyo, six team members, 3 iconic bags, not enough gyoza dumplings and more Ready To Wear options than a girl could ever wish for.

If you’ve already read through my experience at the Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibition you might have noticed my excitement at what an amazing opportunity it was to be Japan bound with Louis Vuitton.  Amongst colourful tourist markets, traditional temples and the bustling Shibuya square (funnily enough this could be a whole other story altogether), we took to the streets to capture the 3 era’s through the varying landscapes and culture of Tokyo.

What better surroundings than city’s famously beautiful Asakusa temple, to shoot one of the original LV luggage designs and one of the smallest versions of a trunk, the Beauty Case.  You can only imagine how much fun it was capturing these images, with traditional Geisha and tourists stopping to ponder what on earth was going on?  Moving to the world famous Shibuya Square, a quadrant of pedestrian crossings, encircled with modern advertising and 8 story high flatscreens, it may not be too far from the ordinary for an editorial team to be stopping the traffic to capture a girl carrying the contemporary version of the Steamer bag waltzing across one of the busiest crossings in the world.   Finally to the grounds of the Reiyukai Shakaden Temple, one of Tokyo’s most futuristic temples, we captured the Petite Malle, a most recent LV icon, technically created with the millennial girl’s needs in mind.

Thanks to Nicolas Ghesquiere for reminding us all that history is always the foundation of the future.   Although a girl can’t help but obsess over previous collections and what is currently filling our shopping carts,  we cannot wait to see what the Mr Ghesquiere and the Louis Vuitton team creates next ..

wearing: Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear throughout.

Creative Direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  Photography: Rodney Deane 

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