Love, Travel, Laugh

Love, travel, laugh; three words that mean a lot to me. They’re the three things that I most like to do, and am lucky enough to do regularly. I carry these words with me on my necklace, a small reminder of what I believe is important. My mind is often distracted and I’ve found that by working out what is most important to me, I’m able to let go of the things and thoughts that aren’t.

Growing up I was told that it was important for me to be my own person, not to copy others but to discover the things I liked and enjoyed. The older I get the more that makes sense to me. We’re all individuals with our own passions and although it’s easy to get swept along with what everyone else is doing, it’s more fun to discover something more personal to you. Some things are universal though, we all need and gain from having and building good relationships. Without the love of our partners, friends and family, life would be dull. Having someone to share the good and bad times with is important for all of us and allows us to grow as people. Travel always offers me the opportunity to meet you new people, be inspired by new places and learn about different cultures. It’s the chance to escape the ordinary that is a breath of fresh air to me. And, life shouldn’t always be taken too seriously, there is something so energising about really laughing with someone, the friends that have me in fits of giggles are my best friends. I’m unguarded with them and utterly relaxed.

The necklace I’m wearing is Auree’s Seychelles Spinning Love, Travel, Laugh Pendant. It’s a classic Victorian design that hides the message until you spin it. Auree are kindly offering you a discount code to use on their website until 18/12/17. If you type in AUREEANGEL7 you will receive 15% off all pendants and necklaces, just in time for you to buy some lovely Christmas presents. If you’d like to know which items are my favourite, head over to Auree’s Journal. If you follow me on Instagram, there’s a chance for you to win one of the Seychelles Spinning Pendants, either to give as a gift this Christmas or to keep for yourself. And, if you sign up to the Auree newsletter you’ll be entered into a competition to win a £250 necklace. Good luck!

This post was created in collaboration with Auree. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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