Lucky Strike

Get out.. can you believe that she wears red?  Well.. I guess technically speaking I may not be actually wearing red but this is a good start right?

Do you ever have the problem where you’re trying to find something in your wardrobe but because everything is the same colour you can’t distinguish one top from another?  I do, and I’m done with it.  It might be time to start mixing it up with some colour and predictably this is how I leap into things.. so brave right?

Watch this space peeps and I promise that I’ll show you a thing or two on how the monochromatically monogamous integrate colour into their wardrobe without going all Carmen Miranda .. one bandana at a time ..

blazer: Saint Laurent  .  black turtleneck: Joseph .  jeans: Raey .  shoes: Proenza Schouler  .  socks: Comme des Garçons.. similar here  .  bag: Louis vuitton  .  red bandana: Chan Luu


photography: Nat Lanyon 

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