Posted on: 02/10/2015 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

I found this video last week, though it was filmed over 2 years ago. I don’t care for the music so you might enjoy it better with the sound off!Ceramicist Karin Ericsson shows her process from beginning to end of making thrown vessels in her studio and shop, Manos (which means hands in Spanish). I used to do this in school several years ago now, it was incredibly soothing for me and watching Karin takes me back to that time and those days creating big messes and enjoying every minute of it. I even took a local class when my son was a baby but wasn’t able to finish. Sadly I was never nearly as good as Karin but I admire the way she can create so many consistent looking vases and cups by hand. Video courtesy of Homegrown Swedes