Posted on: 07/19/2016 Posted by: Ana Degenaar Comments: 0

Melo: Handcrafted Minimalism

Melo is handcrafted minimalism. Combining humble aesthetics that remove all the unnecessary details with quality craftsmanship from Dalarna, the heart of Sweden, using only the best materials and taking no shortcuts in production. Carmelo Medina Tadeo or Melo, was the inspiration for the Studio, he lived in Gran Canaria and had several professions during his lifetime, all with the hope of sharing his passions and creations with others. Melo is all about minimalistic design. They aim to create a modest look, enabling our products to blend into any enviroment. That’s why they refer to their products as humble minimalistic design.

Photography: Sara Medina Lind
Styling: Pella Hedeby