Mercer Street

When strolling through the Soho streets, you can’t help but stop and take in the scenery. Everywhere you look you see classic NYC architecture, beautiful stores (which speaking from experience are very dangerous for your wallet) and some of the most stylish locals you’re ever sure to meet.

But there’s something particularly special about Mercer Street, perhaps it’s the cobble stones, the NYC noise and energy, or even the view that you glimpse between the building… Or maybe a girl just finds herself in the right place at the right time when she’s location scouting and can’t resist taking a few shots to capture the moment. I’m sure you can’t blame me, after all you know the song… It’s up to you (New York).. xx

leather pants: Tibi  .  blouse: Tibi  .  bag: Stella McCartney ‘Popper’ .  triple drop earrings: Tiffany & Co  . ball ring: Tiffany & Co  .  sunglasses: Celine

photography: Rodney Deane


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