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I’ve been using Pinterest for interior design inspiration again, this time for some minimal bathroom styling tips. It’s always so interesting to see what people choose to display in their bathrooms and how they choose to do so. It’s a very personal room and, unlike the living and dining room areas of a home, one that is not designed for socialising but for relaxation and cleanliness. With this in mind, I want my bathroom to feel fresh and uncluttered (mess makes me feel restless). I want to display my favourite products, not all my products (there are a fair few). And, it’s also important that it feels warm and welcoming.

My top minimal bathroom styling tips:

  • An old wooden stool is perfect as a stand for bathing essentials
  • Plants in monochrome pots bring freshness to a windowsill or wash stand (try an olive or fig tree, or a Chinese money plant)
  • A round or square marble tray is great for displaying your favourite products
  • Use old candle glasses for storing and displaying make-up brushes and/or cotton wool buds
  • Display neatly folded towels, in a neutral colour
  • For those with well ventilated bathrooms, display a mix of black and white prints in different sized black or white frames

Get the look:

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