Miu Miu Spring 2019


Walking through a series of large life-size bubble Miu Miu font took me right back to my high school days where writing your name in bubble writing was the coolest thing ever.

The life sized letters acted as a screen where projected close-up videos of models faces with their hair pulled back in the ultimate Miu Miu headbands played on a major scale.  Mrs Prada explained that the inspiration for the show was about what’s interesting now — tailoring, glamour, elegance — reworking it and deconstructing it.” At that moment it clicked, the bubble font that I was so obsessed with, represented a series of building blocks for the modern woman’s wardrobe”.

Working on building our wardrobe is always something that appeals to us in this neck of the woods and if you’re feeling the love for this collection like we are, then this Miu Miu SS19 is the ultimate foundation..


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