Modern Romantic

If Jane Austin, Emily Bronte or Shakespeare were to write a modern day romantic tale, I imagine our heroine would be dressed in something like this…

Our character is independent and ambitious, and prefers her garments to be of the soft, structured and dreamy kind. While this modern work of fiction may include a love interest for our lady in waiting, she’s slightly more interested in the world around her and perfect suiting, than finding a suitor.

While it may have been a little while since we’ve picked up a copy of Wuthering Heights, lucky for us we can always get a digital version of classic romance from MATCHESFASHION.COM, where characters like Ellery and Jil Sander create the most intriguing story lines.

Curing up with a book on a rainy weekend is a dream cure for the midweek 9-5 blues, but who can blame us for adding a little digital fashion romance to get us there.. x

dress: Ellery  .  shoes: Jil Sander



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