Monnier Frères

I guess that you could say that I like to look at the world differently, sometimes it’s just a little more obvious than others.  Good hardware is one of my all time weaknesses and I’m pretty sure you’ve realised by now I’m not talking about the household kind.

With Autumn in full swing for my amigos in the Northern Hemisphere, I’m here today to inspire your desire for the perfect Autumn Accessories with a little help from my friends, French Luxury Accessory Specialists .. Monnier Frères.

Celine sunglasses, gold earpieces and buttery Marni handbags aren’t my only current favourites.  Head to my Monnier Frères Autumn Essentials wishlist here, and you can check out my other obsessions for your scroll-axing pleasure.. there’s a reason they call it retail therapy right ..

Pink Bag: Marni  .  Sunglasses: Celine  .  Earring: Charlotte Chesnais

Creative Direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  Photography: Janneke Storm  .  Hair & Makeup: Penny Antuar

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